Facebook Advertising for Non-profits - Part 1: Audiences

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We all know that Meta changes things with Facebook at just about the rate where you can’t get comfortable. Since we regularly run Facebook ads for non-profits and their fundraising campaigns, we thought it was time to share some information to help other charities start off 2023 with some epic digital fundraising.

When setting up a lookalike audience 1-3% lookalike is optimal

This snippet is one we’ve known for a while but it’s a really important one to keep in mind since the range to select when setting up an audience on Facebook Ads is anywhere between 1-10%.  

1% lookalike is a lookalike audience closest to the one you’re basing it on. 10% would be the furthest. Depending on the objective of your Facebook ad campaign, I suppose you could find a use for a 10% lookalike audience, though this would be considered quite broad. 

Example for non-profit use: If you’re using your donor database for a tax appeal fundraising campaign then choosing a lookalike percentage of 1-3% would give you an audience more similar to the attributes of your donor database. 

When setting up an audience, aim for 1,000,000 data fields

When you’re creating a Facebook Ad campaign and your campaign goal is conversion-based, you should be looking at 1,000,000 data fields for effective targeting. You can do this by going broad and targeting based upon location and age only, you should see well over a million in the audience size for this targeting. See below for another use example.

Example for non-profit use: If you’re setting up your tax appeal fundraising campaign consider importing your donor database then topping up the audience size with a lookalike audience. 

If your audience is looking small, top up your data imports 

When topping up data imports as shown in the example above, you’d still preferably have a lookalike audience as similar as possible to your donor-base. In this example aim for 1-2% lookalike audience, but if this doesn’t get you to around 1,000,000 then consider a 3-4% lookalike audience selection.

Navigate changes since the removal of detailed interest targeting

In March 2022, Facebook removed several detailed interest targeting elements for Facebook Advertising. One sector this impacted significantly was the non-profit sector as several of the topics removed were related to charities and causes. There are several ways to navigate this as a non-profit, we’ll share some more information on this in Facebook Advertising for Non-profits - Part 2.

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