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Hi! My name is Brett Macdonald, and I’m the Managing Director and Founder of Ezy Raise. I’d love to tell you how Ezy Raise started but I must begin by telling you how my mates and I started a fundraising challenge and charitable foundation in 2008.

After what seemed like an endless summer of festivities in Bondi, Sydney. We challenged each other to go one month without drinking alcohol to raise funds for a new television in the waiting room of the cancer centre at our local hospital. After successfully raising more than $250,000, Dry July Foundation was born and I am still a member of board of directors today. We’ve taken the abstinence challenge global and encouraged 500,000+ people to go alcohol-free and raised over AUD$150 million for important causes around the world.
Brett MacDonald Managing Director

Brett Macdonald

Managing Director, Ezy Raise

Member of Board of Director, Dry July Foundation - Australia

Member of Board of Director, SMART Recovery International

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Ezy Raise was born...

Ezy Raise was born out of this experience, combined with my background in web, graphic design and branding, through numerous learnings and insights, and running real practical campaigns in different markets. We’ve amassed over a decade of for-purpose experience, running mass-market, high-profile events for leading charities around the world. From these events we've developed an extensive suite of tools and technology which has evolved to be the best of peer-to-peer fundraising.

Fast forward to today, we are still sharing knowledge and experience to help other not-for-profits grow their fundraising events and campaigns. By working with Ezy Raise, you are not only getting access to first-in-class fundraising tech, but also expertise that covers end-to-end of running campaigns; concept, ideation to strategy, budgeting, advertising, creative, execution, analysis, PR advice and so much more.

Our love of tech, making a big impact and difference in important causes around the world, continue to influence change in the markets we excel in.

I’d love to talk to you about how we can help making your campaigns and events even better. Maybe we could chat about how we hold a world record for creating the World’s Biggest Smoothie first?

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