The best tools for your next fundraising campaign.

From single click sign-ups via Apple, Facebook and Google, to suites of gamification badges, and the ability to conduct corporate matching, Ezy Raise offers robust and flexible tools to help your charity to acquire more donors and supporters with ease.

Ezy Raise - The best tools for your next fundraising campaign
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The easiest approach to peer-to-peer fundraising.

Ezy Raise has it all figured out, so you don’t have to.

Whether you have an existing peer-to-peer fundraising campaign or you want to build something brand new, Ezy Raise offers a complete solution to boost your donations and improve conversions.
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Ezy Raise - Fundraising Made Easy

Key Benefits to your organisation

Do less work.

You have a mission, a revenue goal, a budget and the drive to make your next peer-to-peer fundraising event the best one yet, Ezy Raise offers an end-to-end solution to allow the best suite of tools and marketing expertise to help you build a successful campaign.

Whether it’s the platform, emails, SMS, social media promotion or more, the experts at Ezy Raise can take the work off your hands and bring the campaign to life with ease and efficiency.

Acquire more participants.

Born out of the learnings and insights of running successful, mass market, multi-million dollar peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns around the world, Ezy Raise offers knowledge and insights for your target audience and can provide strategies to boost your conversion. We’ve run successful fundraising campaigns in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, U.K. and the U.S. Our mobile-friendly layout allows participants sign up in seconds via single sign-up with Apple, Google, Facebook so that they can start fundraising with just a few clicks.

Help your fundraisers raise more.

Fundraising is emotional, fundraising takes effort and dedication, your fundraisers are doing the hard work to raise necessary funds for your cause. Help them go even further by adopting all the best tools to help them, from social media templates, pre-written email templates, to hometown PR kits to advocate their own efforts, the support is endless and the talented team at Ezy Raise can help you build a robust resource centre to help your fundraisers get to the next level.

Count on us for a fun participant experience.

From gamification badges, to over 35 participant milestone recognition emails, Ezy Raise will make sure that your participants have a fun and engaging experience throughout the campaign.

Whether it’s one day, one week or a full month, participants are prompted to:
  • Complete their profile
  • Invite their friends to take part
  • Share via social media
  • Spread the word to their network
Any activity based campaigns (i.e. run, walk, cycle) can also be tracked via Fitbit to show progress on their fundraising pages to create a little friendly competition.
Ezy Raise - Gamification badges, fundraiser engagement.
Ezy Raise - Data Integrations with Salesforce

Take your campaign further with data integration.

We know data is important to you and have done the hard work to allow API integration with Salesforce through Giving X (the only certified connector to Salesforce globally) and Jitterbit to harness any important data to your CRM right away and easily integrate data with your existing process and donation receipting.

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Icon representing the powerful reporting features of the Ezy Raise platform.

Manage with ease.

You’re probably refreshing your fundraising campaign pages frequently when approaching, and during an event (we do too!). Use the Ezy Raise built-in real-time dashboard, with secure back-end access, and integration with Google Data Studio which can showcase the biggest milestones and allow you to pivot as needed.

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Ezy Raise - Secure donation payment methods

Count on the secure and flexible payment methods.

Payment methods accepted on our platform include Apple, Braintree, Google, PayPal, Stripe, VISA, Mastercard and American Express.

Ezy Raise also offers a flexible donation form to allow donations on behalf of someone else. You can run matched giving campaigns with your corporate supporters and leave personalised messages of support to their network.
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Explore all of the Ezy Raise features

Ezy Raise features - look and feel.

Look and Feel

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Ezy Raise icon representing the engagement features of the fundraising platform.


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Ezy Raise icon representing the marketing features of the fundraising platform.


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an icon representing the many secure fundraising related features of the Ezy Raise platform.


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Icon representing the powerful reporting features of the Ezy Raise platform.


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