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End-to-End Solution

We can do it all.

No matter how large or small your team is, our skilled team can step in to provide expertise in copywriting, creative design, digital advertising and marketing, UX/UI design, development, project management and more. Together, you can expect a complete solution to help bring your event to life. Our experienced team offers an individual solution for all the touchpoints of your campaign from planning, onboarding, execution to reporting.

Need help with digital ads?

Our in-house talents can help you create the best performing digital ads to maximise your campaign budget.

Need copywriting support?

Copywriting is available to support your event; from acquisition, engagement and retention emails, Facebook and/or Google ads, programmatic, search, even support with traditional media, we can write it all.

Don't have a graphic designer?

Each of your event assets are created to align with your brand identity and tone of voice. Get ready to wow your supporters and future donors!

No project management or support?

Our in-house support team is available to address every need of your event and offers digital tools to help you resolve any issues on the spot. A dedicated project manager is also assigned to each event to offer a true end-to-end solution. We pride ourselves on our level of customer support.

Got agencies to help already?

We can work directly with your advertising and/or creative agencies to ensure alignment and optimise the resources as much as possible. So you can just sit back and watch the event come to life.

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Our Process.

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Ezy Raise process step illustration icon. Step 1, lets talk.

1. Lets chat!

We'll set up a call to learn more about your organisation. You'll be introduced to your own dedicated Campaign Manager who will be your go-to contact.

Ezy Raise process illustration icon. Step 2, site build.

2. Site build

From design through to execution, end-to-end delivery, you'll experience a hassle-free site build. We like to keep things simple and remove any stress.

Ezy Raise process illustration icon. Step 3, email set up.

3. Email set up

We'll get you up and running with email and set up a time to walk you through everything you'll need for success.

Ezy Raise process illustration icon. Step 4, go live!

4. Go live!

Ta-da! Your site goes live! We're still on hand for support, no matter what comes your way.

Working with the team at Ezy Raise was an incredibly positive experience. Their attention to detail and ability to deal with tight turnarounds was fantastic, and working with them really was easy!

We have your back.

From the very start, you'll have a dedicated account manager. We'll be with you every step of the way to get your campaign set up and in the best possible position it can be.

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