5 things to remember when setting up fundraising campaigns

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Joel Broadbent

There are so many things to remember when a charity is creating a new fundraising event. And there is always room for growth and improvement inside and outside of fundraising campaigns. We’ve made a short list to get you started (or to check if there’s something you may have forgotten), but by no means is this an exhaustive list.

Make your points of contact mobile-friendly

It’s well-known these days that a lot of people view websites using their mobile devices, but did you realise just how many? Over a period of three months, we found that an average of 70% of website users came from their mobile devices.

With this in mind, it’s important to consider this when you’re designing your fundraising website, your email journeys, and anything else you’re creating for the campaign. We run tests to make sure our websites are compatible with a vast range of mobile devices and browser types, as well as using an email platform which allows for mobile previews.

Consider whether you can facilitate the creation of teams

Is your event one that can be completed as a team? If yes, it’s worth allowing for this.

Not only does being in a team offer greater support and solidarity, it also increases the likelihood of adherence to the challenge (whether it be training for sports related activities, or abstaining from something such as booze). A sense of competition within teams can also predict higher rates of success with challenge-based events, and the fundraising to go with it.

Our insights show that the average donation to a team is around 20% higher than an individual, which is another great reason to make sure your participants can team up and smash their goals together!

Naming your new fundraising campaign

Do you have a name for your campaign yet? How’s it looking, how does it sound, what does it mean?

Before you get too attached to a name it’s important to do research to make sure it’s not already taken, or very similar to another campaign, or even linked to something you don’t align with.

Does the name stimulate action and emotion? Does it make you feel pumped to make a change? Or do you read it and go “oh yeah that’s ok/it’ll do.”?

The campaign name is a HUGE part of the brand, so if you’re not feeling it when you see the name, and others around you aren’t feeling it when they see the name… then it’s probably not going to give you results. Take time to get this bit right, and then allow tag lines, stories, and concepts fall into place beside it.

What data do you have to support your decisions?

Have you run this campaign before? If yes, do you have data to look at for things like your participant demographics, social media analytics, and what worked for your last run of the campaign?

If no, have you done research on your target audience? Do you know who you wish to target and from which angle? Is there a health incentive, is it cause related, or are you going for something general? If you haven’t run a campaign previously then a great place to start would be to speak to people who are knowledgeable in the peer-to-peer fundraising space (*cough cough*) who can offer insights based upon experience.  

Setting up emails

You’ll be needing emails to support your campaign. 

If you have an email database already with your organisation then reach out to them first to let them know they can sign up to an awesome new fundraising event.

Not only will you be reaching out to your current database, but when someone signs up you’ll need to have an email journey mapped out for them to support them throughout their participation.

With Ezy Raise, there are plenty of personalisation options and segmentation that can be done through our email marketing. This means you can better target your fundraisers with a message that connects with them the most. 

Whether your entire fundraising email campaign spans from 5 or 500 (or more?!) emails, we are equipped to plan, create, and execute your full email marketing campaign. One that best suits your event goals and communication preferences.

So, how do you feel about setting up your next fundraising campaign?

We’ve run fundraising campaigns for over 15 years. 

So when it comes to your next digital fundraising event, think about how Ezy Raise can help you to make the most of it. 

We can facilitate your next outstanding result with a huge set of features, and top-notch client support. Giving you back the time in your day to focus on what is next on the endless list of things to do. 

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