ChatGPT for Non Profits: 20 ways to integrate ChatGPT into your fundraising campaigns

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Joel Broadbent

How to integrate ChatGPT or Bard into your fundraising campaigns

Let's face it, it's not going anywhere. Large Language Models (LLM) such as ChatGPT, Bard, and social media tools with built-in AI functionality certainly seem like they’re here to stay.

According to Dataro, 73% of fundraisers in a poll said they had used ChatGPT in their work. Around half of which used it on a weekly basis. With 28% of those surveyed using ChatGPT multiple times per week. So with that data in mind, and knowing that an increasing number of fundraisers are using ChatGPT, we're here to help you figure out ChatGPT for non-profits.

Before getting into the numerous ways to utilise the LLM capabilities, it's worth remembering that whichever AI functionality you use, you must review the content. ChatGPT basically learns from the content already out there on the internet. And as we all know, not everything on the internet is true. This is why it's important to review any content before sharing with your audience.

Review the content to ensure its accuracy, relevance, and whether it's appropriate for your non-profit audience.

5 ways to use ChatGPT for your charity

Ask for 3 subject lines

Write some email copy then paste it into ChatGPT and ask for 3 subject line ideas.  Ideally, with anything taken from ChatGPT, you'll shape it to your own brand personality. If you don't like the offerings, simply ask for 3 more.

Repurpose your content

Have any old blog posts you’d like to repurpose? Paste one into ChatGPT and ask it to give you 2-3 social media post prompts.

Segment your donor communications

Ask ChatGPT to give you an alternative version of your message for a specific segment. Not sure how to make your enthusiastic donor messaging relate to your not-so-enthusiastic lapsed donors? Ask ChatGPT to rewrite it for you. Getting fresh ideas and insights can help inspire you further and develop your donor communications.

Make X (Twitter) work for your non-profit

Are you struggling to condense your recent social media post into X's 280 characters? Ask AI to do it for you. Some posts will be difficult to shorten and the resulting copy may be too vague, but for many of your posts, ChatGPT/Bard can give it the tweaks necessary.

Share your non-profit message

Share the cause your organisation supports and ask it for a number of topic ideas to inspire your next blog post. For example if your cause is related to mental health you could ask your LLM: “give me 5 topic ideas related to looking after your mental health”. From there you can write blog posts that relate back to your cause.

5 considerations when using ChatGPT for your non-profit

  1. ChatGPT currently only has knowledge up until September 2021. So if you're looking for information using recent data, unfortunately ChatGPT won't be able to deliver.
  2. Since its knowledge base only goes up to 2021, there will be inaccuracies and out of date information. Consider this with statistics or information where you're better off accessing and researching using recent sources.
  3. ChatGPT will have biases. ChatGPT will have incorrect data. ChatGPT will skip over important details. This is why it's important to review any content before taking it further.
  4. When using Large Language Model tools like ChatGPT or Bard, keep a record of what you use it for and the specific results you get. This way you’ll be able to see which circumstances yield the best results for you, and any progression in the abilities of the tool for your specific use.
  5. Using these AI tools is not about replacing yourself, it's about enhancing the skills you already have.

10 ChatGPT prompts for fundraising

  • Give me 5 fundraising campaign ideas
  • Suggest 3 subject lines for this email [paste email copy]
  • Offer 3 alternative ways to say "donate now"
  • Write 3 blog post ideas for my fundraising campaign
  • Suggest hashtags for this social media post [paste social media copy]
  • Rewrite this social media post in 280 characters
  • Tell me 5 facts about [insert topic related to your charity]
  • Suggest 3 social media hooks for [insert social media copy here]
  • Analyse this piece of writing [insert content here] - follow up with a request for feedback
  • Rewrite this email from first person perspective [paste email copy here]

Artificial intelligence functionalities are tools, and they're used to enhance your skillset. Seeing them as a replacement can do you an injustice. It can remove your opportunity to keep all charity communications aligned to the same brand tone and message. By all means, use them! Just remember not to use them in their entirety.

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