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Joel Broadbent

Meet Instagram’s newest feature… Instagram Broadcast.

Think mass messaging but for your most engaged audience.

Meta is rolling out a new feature for Creator Accounts on Instagram (evaluate whether your charity can utilise a Creator Account versus a Business Account). You can read more about the feature on the Meta website, but we’re going to go over the benefits of the feature and then a few ideas about how you can include it in your social media strategy. This could be a game changer for your organisation! 

 Benefits of Instagram Broadcast

  • Only followers can join the broadcast channels - exclusivity!
  • There’s an option for multiple channels - relevance!
  • People can only like/react/vote on your broadcasts - easy to monitor!
  • Send messages, photos, videos, voice notes and publish questions for votes - variation!

Option for multiple channels

Picture this: you’re running a month-long fundraising challenge and you’d like to set up a broadcast channel for updates and milestones (plus competition reminders!).

But also this: you’d like to have the option for people to choose whether they receive a humorous style of motivation throughout the challenge, or whether they would prefer cause-related motivational content.

You can run a broadcast channel for people who are interested in behind the scenes content, and a separate one for important updates from your charity. Charities who research cancer treatments for example would be able to offer a channel for people who wish to receive progressions in research.

People can only like/react/vote

Keep your challenge fun with votes of what they’d like to see next, and even start your post-campaign survey early with some questions to gather insights while the fundraising challenge is running.

It’s quick and easy for followers to engage with the campaign but it’s easy to monitor as there are no comment capabilities for those who follow the channel.

Voice notes

Voice notes provide a new way to communicate with your followers. You can send a good luck voice note on the first morning of the challenge. You can let them know total funds raised so far for your charity, and if you’re at an in-person fundraising event you can even use voice notes to quickly ask others to share their favourite part of the day. Each of these things brings a more human element to digital fundraising or any part of your non-profit social media strategy.

This feature is providing a new way for non-profits to engage with their fundraisers, donors, and anyone else interested in your organisation. We can’t wait to see how charities choose to use it!

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