The importance of sharing a fundraising motivation

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Joel Broadbent

Do you know how important it is for your fundraisers to share their motivation for taking part?

Our data shows participants who write their own fundraising motivation raise 6 to 10 times the % of funds during a campaign compared to those who select from the 3 or 4 pre-written available options.

Now you know this, it should be quite a clear one to add to ensure the success of your fundraising campaign.

At the moment you may be including the option of selecting from a few pre-written motivations, ranging from challenge to cause related. This is helpful to add to the personalisation of a user's profile and we do see a significant lift in funds raised between cause related vs. challenge orientated motivations.

However, allowing for a custom motivation is key to driving fundraising success!

This feature has shown to increase the average amount raised per active by SIX TO TEN TIMES. That’s up to 1000%! If that’s not enough of a reason for you, then it might be a good idea to think about the psychological/behavioural aspects behind a fundraising story…

  • This may be the first time an individual is sharing their story to friends, family and peers; it opens communication surrounding a topic which in turn increases awareness.
  • Acknowledging their motivation is a way of reinforcing to themselves, the value of their participation and fundraising efforts in their chosen campaign.
  • An individual with a shared motivation is more likely to be active in their fundraising; sharing the story with others who resonate will create a sense of community and people will reach out to support each other.
  • Not only would it likely result in more active fundraising efforts, reinforcing the value of the challenge to self would increase the motivation for training (if the challenge is fitness-based), or adherence (if the challenge is abstinence-based, such as giving up alcohol), or ensuring maximum fun is had(dress up days). This would hopefully result in a wonderful sense of pride and achievement for the individual upon completion of the challenge.
  • It is important to express to potential donors the reason they should give up their resources to a challenge, whether it is money to a fundraiser, or time to a campaign which requires spreading information for awareness. A custom motivation/story is a great way to do this.

Overall, it is incredibly beneficial in many ways for your participants to share their custom fundraising motivation or story. Make sure you’re including this option in your sign up journey, and encouraging the completion of this feature prior to the challenge start date.

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